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Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient

by The End

  • Mystery Color /200

    Luck of the draw out of the following variants*:

    Transition Blue/Pink x1
    Abalone x3
    Purple Candy x4
    Of Fist and Flame x5
    Lavender x8
    Grape x9
    Neon Magenta x10
    Opalescence x15
    Dark Magenta x20
    Piss x35
    Organelle Swirl x40
    Purple Rain x60

    *photo is not showing all available variants.

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  • Trans Brown w/ White Splatter /100

    Main variant, limited to 100 copies.

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  • Test Press /5

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The early to mid 2000s spawned a wave of boundary-pushing bands under the illustrious Mathcore banner: A maelstrom mixing Grindcore, Tech Metal and chaotic Hardcore (in a nutshell anyway).

And if Ion Dissonance weren't proof enough of the undeniable fact that Canada spawned some of the most outstanding bands of the genre, The End were right there with them to reinforce that sentiment with unbridled intensity.

Maybe it's something in the water, but there's obviously a strong heritage of forward-thinking, extreme music beyond our Northern border. Where would Death Metal be without Gorguts or Cryptopsy, for example?

And you can't help but feel that this heritage is deeply interweaved with The End's DNA. Their debut EP is a testament to the spirit of pushing the envelope by all means necessary. Chaotic and frantic, yes... but with razor-sharp calculation and a chilling voice that hits borderline Black Metal territory at times.

'Transfer Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient' is as much of a mouthful of a title as the music on it is an assault on your senses.



released September 2, 2022



Total Dissonance Worship Portland, Oregon

Amidst the great pandemic of 2020, Total Dissonance Worship was launched as a vessel for forward-thinking, outside of the box Extreme Metal of the past, present and future.

TDW is a boutique label collective that is home to select releases of bands such as Nightmarer, Imperial Triumphant, Vitriol, Ion Dissonance, Plebeian Grandstand and more.
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